What is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative Law Is a process. It is a way of working, It has little to do with Court-imposed deadlines and priorities. It has everything to do with the priorities and timetables of the couples and their family, allowing the parties to manage the process themselves.

The aim is to resolve the issues arising from separation without going to Court.

Who are we?

The family lawyers in the Devon group are all members of and have been trained in Collaborative Law by Resolution.


  • FREE initial consultation
  • You manage the process and set the agenda
  • Amicable, constructive solutions explored in a safe and productive environment
  • Reach an agreement as to how separation will be finalised
  • Quicker
  • Legal advice without the threat of contested Court applications
  • Private and confidential

Finding a collaboration lawyer

As a collaborative law client you will want to choose a lawyer who you feel will best serve your needs. To that end, we have compiled a list of professionals to give you the widest choice possible.

Alternatively, we can help you decide - contact us to find out more.

Choosing a collaborative lawyer

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